Virology Laboratory

The virology laboratory with a specialized view, designs and conducts research projects, trains specialists and provides specialist lab services to the  public.

 The lab is a full service virology laboratory focusing on teaching, research, health care and public services by performing rapid antigen testing, molecular methods, culture and serology.

 As one of the major clinical laboratories in Iran and the region, this lab performs thousands of virology tests each year on the patients’ samples, analyzes a vast amount of data gathered  and provides helpful information to the clinicians, public health authorities, and other laboratory scientists regarding frequencies and  distributions of viruses, trends, genotypes, and associations with diseases. The primary purpose of this lab is training, conducting research and seeking interdisciplinary collaborations between clinical and molecular virology.

Currently various projects are being conducted by students of PhD, residents, masters, dentists, medical and research specialists under the supervision of faculty members of medical virology and infectious diseases specialists.

The lab is equipped with a BSL2+ facility  used for handling viral pathogens.

 The major activities of the lab are as follows:                                                        

-         Research on blood borne viruses including HIV, HBV, HCV and HDV

-         Generation of viral vectors for gene delivery and gene therapy research

-         Production of recombinant protein

-         Determination of drug resistance in HIV, HCV and HSV infections

-         Characterization of epidemiological-clinical profile of respiratory viral infections

-         Detection of viral infections in transplant recipients, immune compromised patients, meningitis and encephalitis, and etc.

-         Proper reaction to epidemic outbreak of new viral infection such as SARS, Avian Influenza, etc in Iran











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