Parasitology Laboratory

Broadly, three professional activities are pursued in parasitology division: designing and conducting research projects, training specialists in the field, and providing specialist lab services to the patients under close supervision of the faculties at the Center.

A major part of activities is focused on Visceral leishmaniasis.  Identification of and introducing Leishmania tropica as the second etiologic agent of Visceral leishmaniasis for the first time in Iran, investigation into its clinical manifestations, establishment of quantitative PCR for the disease and responses to the treatment, routine fluorescent assay for diagnostic purposes, rapid K39 test for  Visceral leishmaniasis in Iran, novel short term treatment course of it and documentation of its efficacy based on interventional studies and publication of review articles are among the prominent achievements of the Center. Currently, serum indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) test and quantitative PCR are performed at the Center for diagnostic purposes, in both hospitalized and ambulatory patients.

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