Immunology Laboratory

Broadly, three professional activities are pursued in immunology division: designing and conducting research projects, training specialists in the field, and providing specialist lab services to the patients under close supervision of the faculties at the Center.

All the activities serve the research studies in immunology of infectious diseases, training efficient professionals in the field, and providing specialist clinical  lab services to both hospitalized and ambulatory patients. Designing and conducting research in genetic susceptibility to infections, especially brucella, kala-azar and helicobacter pylori is among research areas of interest. In addition, performing serologic tests for diagnostic purposes is pursued in immunology division. The other applied research areas include determination of anti brucella antibody titer for diagnosis in normal, and high risk groups and also anti Group A Streptococcus ASO test. It is worth mentioning that master students, PhD candidates and professional experienced staff are active under the supervision of the respective faculties.

 A. Research Activities  

-          Research into leishmania vaccination

-          Investigating genetic susceptibility ( poly morphism) to kala-azar, brucella and helicobacter pylori

-          Investigating changes in cytokines in patients with kala-azar and helicobacter pylori

-          Investigating immunologic factors ( procalcitonin, sTREM) in bacterial and parasitological  conditions

-          Determining serologic titer for diagnosis in brucella and Group A Streptococcus  infections

B. Educational and Consulting Activities

-          Arranging training workshops

-          Educating fellows in pediatric infectious diseases

-          Designing and doing theses at different levels

-          Preparing clinical and diagnosis guidelines

C. Lab Services

-          Determining immunophenotype of WBC in peripheral blood

-          DHR test for CGD diagnosis

-          Brucella serological tests including Brucella capt, Coombs, 2ME, and Wright

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