PhD by Research

PhD by Research Program is among higher studies leading to respective PhD degree. The program consists of coordinated and matched educational and research studies, which aim to train specialists who are skilled in advanced up to date research methods and can have achievements in infectious diseases and consequently expand the related scientific frontiers and promote national university academic  standards. To this end, they take strides to sustain a consistent development in facing the related issues.
 The core activities in PhD by Research program at PACMRC include acquisition of knowledge and skills through  specialist  targeted research in the areas including bacteriology, virology, mycology, and immunology. The first admission to the program took place in 1390(2011), with 4 students who started their studies  under the supervision of professors in virology, bacteriology, and immunology. In  1391 ( 2012), one more student in mycology  was added to the existing list. 
It is worth noting that further admission to PhD program is based on the professors’ request for accepting more candidates. For further information .

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